Information Statement

  • East Maine School District 63 maintains an internet-based policy manual. Use the Policy Manual Section links to access District 63 Board of Education policies.

    This online policy manual is up-to-date and has a search capability. As new policies or policy changes are made by the Board of Education, they will be added to the online database. Any questions about District policies can be directed to Deborah Piazza, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, at 847.493.8410.

Board Operating Principles

  • The Board Operating Principles were the result of work by the Board of Education and the Superintendent in May of 2010. They documented the beliefs and guiding principles of that school board, and are still being used to guide decision making today. The following policies were all used in the creation of the Operating Principles.
    2:20  Powers and Duties of the School Board; Indemnification
    2:80.E Board Member Code of Conduct
    2:110 Qualifications, Terms, and Duties of Board Officers
    2:120 Board Member Development
    2:130 Board - Superintendent Relationship 
    2:140 Communications To and From the Board
    2:200 Types of School Board Meetings 
    2:220 School Board Meeting Procedures
    2:230 Public Participation at School Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board
    2:260 Uniform Grievance Procedure
    8:10 Connection with the Community
    8:110 Public Suggestions and Concerns