Equity & Diversity at D63

  • EquityCommitment to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
    District 63 is committed to improving educational outcomes by ensuring equitable treatment for all students, and by addressing and eliminating practices, policies, and institutional barriers - including institutional racism, gender bias/homophobia, and sexism - that perpetuate opportunity and achievement gaps and lead to any student feeling unsafe in our buildings.

    To achieve this goal, it’s essential that D63 staff and families collaborate and work in parallel to support students’ needs academically and socio-emotionally. Ultimately, our work is centered on ensuring that all D63 children have access to a high-quality curriculum that fosters critical thinking, resourcefulness, and curiosity - and provides opportunities to pursue their passion and follow their unique pathways to success. 

    Equity & Diversity Initiative
    D63 is committed to addressing racism through an intersectional lens by offering learning opportunities that meet people wherever they are on their journey. Through this initiative, we will ensure that D63 offers an equitable and inclusive school community that honors students’ and their loved ones' multiple and intersecting identities while preparing our young people to be more culturally competent in navigating a world that is far from race neutral.

    During the 2021-2022 school year, the District kicked off this comprehensive Equity & Diversity Initiative, guided by anti-oppression educator and consultant Corrie Wallace. During its first year, building leaders, staff members, parents, guardians, and community members have been invited to participate in a range of activities as an introduction to moving from colorblindness to color consciousness. Efforts have included:

    • Ongoing unconscious bias, equity, and diversity training for all district and school administrators.
    • Equity and diversity training for all teachers.
    • A community-wide virtual workshop on race and diversity issues. 
    • A virtual book club open to all parents, guardians, and employees focused on So You Want to Talk About Race

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