• I am so excited to be the school librarian at Washington School after being a children's librarian for over ten years at Morton Grove Public Library. Earlier in my career I was also a corporate librarian. So, over the years, I've promoted various kinds of literacy to many different people and for many different reasons. After being back in school for the last two years earning my PEL (professional educators license), I'm especially excited be in at Washington (first year 2019/20) with Kindergarten through 5th grade students - who are my FAVORITE people.

    My first goals are to learn everyone's name and also something about every student's reading life. People's reading lives fascinate me. In my own reading life, I especially likes magical realism (think it could really happen with a magical twist). I typically read fiction and listen to nonfiction audiobooks. I'm also a podcast junkie.

    With my earbuds in and listening to an audiobook, I walk every day with my black labrador retriever, Cash. I love to spend time with my family when they're available which isn't too often these days. We have four children in college. My husband, Mark, is also a teacher so we talk about books all the time.

    Yes, that's an old fashioned card catalog in my picture. It's originally from the University of Illinois. It's my favorite piece of furniture. I use every single drawer for storage. One drawer even has the original catalog cards in it.

    -- Brenda

    B.S., English and Mass Communications, Illinois State University
    M.A., Library and Information Studies, Northern Illinois University
    School Library Media Teacher Certification, Dominican University

Brenda Glenn Librarian picture