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Our Magical Land of Learning!

I would like to welcome all of my new 5th/6th grade students and families for the 2013-2014 school year. I am excited to meet all of you, and help to prepare you for your journey to 6th grade or to junior high. This will be a challenging and exciting year! 

Welcome to Mrs. Martin's Recipes for Success

Check your assignment notebook at the end of each school day to make sure you have all of the work that is due, and plan your work in a timely manner.

Time management is key to successful grades.  

Review your notes every night, which will add to successful studying the night before an exam, and avoid cramming. 

Reading logs are due each Friday with a signature from your parent/guardian. Your IDR book is for journaling in your Reader's Notebook. Read a different book at home for your weekly log.


Start thinking about a science experiment, where you will be using the Scientific Method to explain your purpose and results. Your topic will have to be approved by me before Spring Break. Pick something that you will enjoy and don't forget the controls and independent variable.  Our Science Fair will be April 16th.

Thank you for having your topics in on time and I am sure our Science Fair will be great due to your hard work.

Your Science Fair paper is due Friday April 11th. The paper includes your cover page, lab report based on the scientific method, a separate sheet with your data, and a bibliography.

Poster board is due Monday April 14th with all extra materials.

If you are having difficulty organizing your time, please see me for your TAKE HOME check list.


To view our Multiculturalism video,2009  click here.