Reading, Reading, Reading

Children should be reading every night for a minimum of 20 minutes (more is better).  Please talk to your children  about the books they are reading.  Ask them about the story elements: setting where and when), problems and solutions, and character traits. We have been sequencing our stories. Talking about reading with your children creates a healthy family atmosphere where your children learn the importance of reading.  If you read and show an interest in your childrens' reading, they will want to read and become better at it.  Practice, practice, practice.

We have been reading everyday since school began. We finished reading Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key by Jack Gantos and The Chalk Box Kid by Clyde Robert Bulla. We just finished Frindle by Andrew Clements (the kids love it). We read a small part of On the Day I Died by Candace Fleming. The students enjoy sitting on the carpet and listening as Mr. Lange reads to them. New titles we have read together: Mailing May, A Day''s WorkJulius Baby of the World, Boundless Grace, City Green, The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, Alexander, Who's Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move.

We have learned to visualize our reading and to ask questions. We have been practicing inferring for several weeks. We have also been practicing predicting. The students are doing fantastic.

We are learning and practicing many reading strategies including cross-checking, check for understanding, and picking just right books. We will learn and practice many more as the year progresses. 

I have two books to recommend. Have Spacesuit Will Travel by Robert Heinlin and The Last Apprentice series by Jack Delaney.