5th Grade Art

What's going on in the art room? 

5th & 5/6 Multi-Age

Spring 2010

Stained Glass - always a favorite!


Winter 2010





Fall 2009

We decided to begin the year with weaving!

February 2009

5th Graders are Weaving!



December 2008 & January 2009

5th Grade classes made ceramic suns!



October & November 2008

Discovering ourselves and what we look like.  The 5th Grades have been working hard on self portraits.  Concepts like proportion, features, and realism are just a few of the areas we learned.  Every student showed growth from a pre-drawing that was done at the beginning of the unit!  Check back in after Thanksgiving break to see some of these great portraits!

September 2008

The theme these artists are working on for the front cover of thier sketch books is "What kind of person do I want to be".  Everything they apply to the front of their sketchbooks should be a direct reflection of the theme!


5th Grade 

May 2008 

Let the sun shine!!! 

Fifth grade has made some amazing ceramic suns.  We spent many weeks studding the human face, they got to apply their knowledge in clay.  Come back soon to see some of these outstanding masterpieces!

January 2008 

Fifth Grade Self Portraits...

The Fifth Grade has been working very hard since January on drawing self portraits.  This has proven to be quite a challenging assignment.  As expected, they have turned out to be quite esquisit.  We spent many of the first few weeks working on how to draw the features of the face and their accurate placement.  Putting that knowledge onto black paper with chalk pastels brings the self portraits to life.  What do you think????