3rd Grade Art

What's going on in the art room?

Spring 2010 

Let the sun shine!  The third grade artists made beautiful birds, spring trees, animal masks and smashingly gorgeous sun studdies!

Have a great summer!

Winter 2009-2010

Tree Studies - Winter


Name Designs


Fall 2009

Fall has overcome our third grade artists!  They have created beautiful multi-tree landscapes.  In this multi-media project the students used pastels, marker and paint.

February 2009

Artists in these classes are learning about basic color theory and how to make colors using just the primary colors.  The kids are not just learning about the colors, but they are actually mixing the colors themselves.  We will be creating an expressive painting using the knowledge we have gained.   

December 2008 - January 2009

Come and visit the hallway outside the art room to see our beautifully colorful 3D birds.


November 2008

A Flutterfly?  A Smowl?  What is it?  That will be for you to figure out when you see our Imaginary Creature Drawings!

September 2008 

Who are your favorite characters????  You can find out who the favorite characters of Mrs. Perea's, Ms. Sloan's and Mrs. Grodin's students by looking at their sketchbooks.  Each artist is drawing thier favorite book, movie, TV, or cartoon character on the front cover!

Third Grade 

May 2008

The teriffic third graders are making awesome coil pots!  They have been completed just in time for Mother's Day!