1st Grade Art

What's going on in the art room?

Spring 2010

Spring is the time to watch the flowers grow and the bugs explore!  These artists made gorgeous gardens using painting, cutting, gluing and collage. 

Please practice all art techniques with your sprouting artist over the long summer. 

Fall 2009

  First graders are perfecting their painting skills and have learned all the colors in the rainbow.  We created stunning abstract watercolor paintings.  Most recently, we made warm fall tree landscapes with torn paper. 


January 2009

What parts make up our bodies and how do we draw them... that's what our first graders are learning.  Faces, how to draw ourselves wearing clothes, and making sure we use many different colors are some of the main points we are focusing on. 

December 2008

 We learned how to make things out of clay!  Students had a choice a making a tree, mitten or snowman and then had fun adding all kinds of textures to them.  Before they took them home, they got to choose and mix colors and paint them. 

September 2008

Welcome Back! We are beginning the school year by creating a unique cover for our art sketchbooks.  The theme for 1st grade is family.  These little artist are drawing everyone in thier families, from brothers and sisters to pets.  Our sketchbooks will be something we use just about every week, and will come home at the end of the school year. 

April 2008

Bugs, Bugs they are EVERYWHERE!!!!!  They will begin to emerge from the art room soon!  We will be using shapes and colors to create some unique creepy crawlers.