New Visitor Procedures

New Visiting Procedures

All visitors, including parents and siblings, are required to enter through the front door of the building and proceed immediately to the main office.  Visitors should identify themselves and inform office personnel of their reason for being at the school. 

East Maine School District 63 uses the Raptor Visitor Management System for screening all visitors.  The screening requires one of the following forms of identification to be presented: 

US Government issued Driver's License

State Identification Cards

Green Cards

US Passport (card form)

Mexican Consulate Card

In the absence of acceptable identification, access to the building may be denied.

Visitors must present one of the above mentioned items in exchange for a visitor's pass which must be worn around the neck while visiting classrooms or other areas of the building.  Upon signing out of the school, the ID will be returned to the individual in exchange for the visitor's pass.