time to look at your words

We are working with words using various sorting activities.

Your child has a word work book that contains a menu of activities he/she can choose from to complete their sort assignment.


 Our words are on

Spelling City!!!


There are many different ways to practice your
Spelling Words

You can:

 Write your words with shaving cream.

Use alphabet cereal or clay.

Write in bubble letters or cursive.

Make an Acrostic Poem.

Air Write - Write your words in the air using your finger

Blue Vowels - Write each of your word wall words. Using a blue colored pencil, trace over the vowels in each word.

Letter Writing - Write a friendly letter to a teacher or a friend using each of your word wall words. Underline the word wall words you use in your letter.

Write the words in sail boat writing.

Take a practice test.

Silly Sentences - Write silly sentences that include your word wall words. Underline your words.