Writer's Workshop




Good Writers ask…


Good writers include a clear, focused well-defined topic and all the details needed to bring the topic to life.

Is my writing clear and focused?

Is there a main idea?

Do I provide details and support the main idea?

Does my response directly address the prompt?


Good writers use a strong introduction, a logical sequence that makes sense, transitions that link ideas together, and a powerful conclusion.

Does the introduction hook the reader?

Is it easy to follow the meaning/purpose of my writing?

Are my transitions between ideas clear?

Does the sequence of my writing make sense?


Good writers write with an engaging style that shows interest in the topic.

Does the writing have a clear point of view?

Is my writing style unique to me?

Word Choice

Good writers are skilled in finding that “just right” word or phrase that makes meaning clear and reading a pleasure.

Are the words used with flair and imagination?

Are the words descriptive, precise, and accurate?

Have I overused or misused any words?

Sentence Fluency

Good writers use sentences that are strong, well crafted, and varied. The writing flows smoothly from one sentence to the next.

Do my sentences start with different words?

Do my sentences vary in length?

Do my ideas flow smoothly?


Good writers pay careful attention to spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalization.

Do all my sentences start with capital letters and end with a punctuation mark?

Are all words spelled correctly?

Are all paragraphs indented?

Is the dialogue punctuated correctly?