Nonrecyclables earn school $$$


Our fourth grade class is collecting the nonrecyclable Capri Sun containers: any drink pouches will do. They are worth $.02 per cleaned out container for the school to use for books, supplies, etc.  Thanks.  I know many of you use these packets. will show how the program works.  Thank you to all who have contributed to the juice packs this year.  Save them over the summer.  It would save me time if you could cut a slit between the bottom of the packet (do not cut off the bottom) and wash out the container.  Save them for next year.  Every penny helps!!!!  All proceeds go to Nelson School.

We also save ZIPLOCK bags that are cleaned of food items.

We help the environment because they are reused to make purses, bags and clothing.  We receive money for our school.  Ask neighbors, friends and relatives to save these Capri Sun or any nonrecyclable drink pouches and bring them to room 215.  No straws, please. Slit open the container from the bottom, inside, and wash them thoroughly.  Makes our class job a lot easier!!  Thanks..... Save these, please.