Figures of Speech - Study these


 Figures of Speech:

Personification - a figure of speech where a nonhuman thing is given human qualities.  Example:  "The thunder boomed angrily."  Anger personifies thunder by giving it emotion.

 Euphemism - a milder, less direct term that means the same thing as one that is considered harsh or offensive.  Example: instead of "old person" a euphemism would be "senior citizen". 

Idioms:  Words that do not mean what they say literally.  Examples:

She balled her eyes out.  (she cried a lot)

Go fly a kite!   (get away from me)

He's as neat as a pin.   (this person is clean and organized)

It's raining cats and dogs out there!  (the rain is falling very hard)


It's as plain as the nose on your face.  (something is easy to see or obvious)

After winning the lottery, I'll be on Easy Street.  ( i will not have any worries)

Don't cry over spilt milk.  (do not be upset about what has happened)

I have a bone to pick with you.  (I am angry with you)

Alliteration:  Words that have the same beginning sound such as:  Aleks eats almonds at almost every meal.  Buy your bananas by Betty's celebration.

Assonance:These words have vowel sounds that are the same.  Roller coasters rob my bloated stomach.  Listen for the vowel's similar sounds.

Try to light the fire.

Consonance:  This figure of speech is used in poetry or prose.  It is the repetition of consonants.

It burn