This Week

This Week in Mr. Arends' Social Studies Class


Monday 4/21 Close Read I have a Dream

Tuesday 4/22 Read MLK or X Bio/ Work on Venn Diagram

Wednesday 4/23 Group Venn/ Read prompts/ Dialog Instructions

Thursday 4/24 Work on MLK and X Talk it Out

Friday 4/25 Work on MLK and X Talk it Out

Monday 4/14 Read MLK Bio/ Non-violence Notes/ Go over Quiz

Tuesday 4/15 Sit-ins notes/ Read Sitting in for Freedom

Wednesday 4/16 *Late Start* Begin viewing Children's March

Thursday 4/17 Finish Children's March/ Discuss March Questions

Friday 4/18 *No school* Good Friday

Monday 4/7 Illinois Youth Survey

Tuesday 4/8 The Supreme Court/ The Warren Court Decisions

Wednesday 4/9 JFK Bio/ Mystery of Assassination

Thursday 4/10 Johnson's Great Society Document Analysis

HW: Read Ch 26 Sec 3 (886-892) and complete Interactive Reader 26.3

Friday 4/11 Gandhi Brainpop!/ MLK Bio/ Nonviolence Notes

Monday 3/24 Little Rock 9 Notes/ Read Long Walk to School

Tuesday 3/25 Rosa Parks Document Analysis/ Montgomery Bus Boycott Notes/ Boycott Video

Wednesday 3/26 Voices of the Boycott Activity/ Review Ch 26.1

HW: Review for Quiz

Thursday 3/27 Ch 26.1 Quiz/ Read Midway 

Friday 3/28 *No School* Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday 3/17 March on Washington Article & Questions

HW: Ch 26.1 Interactive Reader

Tuesday 3/18 *No School for Students*

Wednesday 3/19 Separate but Unequal Notes/ Discuss timeline/ Linda Brown and Others

Thursday 3/20 Linda Brown and Others/ Questions

Friday 3/21 The Little Rock 9/ Long Walk Home

Monday 3/10 The Cuban Missile Crisis Documents

HW: Finish CH 25 Study Guide

Tuesday 3/11 Review Ch 25

HW: Study for Ch 25 Test

Wednesday 3/12 The Martian Chronicles/ Review Quiz

Thursday 3/13 Ch 25 Test Brain Pop: Civil Rights Movement!/ Visual Preview/ Ch 26.1 Vocab

Friday 3/14 Brain Pop: Civil Rights Movement!/ Visual Preview/ Ch 26.1 Vocab

Monday 3/3 The Butter Battle Book (Atomic Menace)

Tuesday 3/4 Arms Race (Shelter supplies)

Wednesday 3/5 (shelter people)

Thursday 3/6 Duck N' Cover/ Fallout Questions/ The Martian Chronicles

Friday 3/7 The Shelter Twilight Zone/ Shelter Questions

HW: CH 25 Study Guide

Monday 2/24 Field Trip Rules/ Read Korean War Conflict/ Begin work on Korean War Assignment/ Korean War Maps

HW: Study for Vocab Quiz

Tuesday 2/25 *Field Trip* Work on Ch 25.4 Interactive Reader

Wednesday 2/26 Vocab Quiz/ Finish Korean War Project

Thursday 2/27 Korean War Bias/ Fears at Home

HW: Ch 25 Sec 4 Interactive Reader (Textbook 855-859)

Friday 2/28 Read McCarthyism/ Watch Butter Battle

Monday 2/17 * No School Presidents' Day*

Tuesday 2/18 1950s Gender Roles and Teen Culture/ A Date w/ Mom and Dad/ 1950s Slang

HW: Finish 1950s Slang

Wednesday 2/19 1950s Consumerism/ Adverertising Analiysis

Thursday 2/20 Review Bomb Telcons/ TV & Rock n' Roll

HW: Ch 25 Sec 3 IR

Friday 2/21 Read The Korean Conflict/ Begin Assignment

Monday 2/10 Go over maps/ Review Ch 24 Test/ Finish Communism Activity

Tuesday 2/11 Go over Communism/ Berlin Wall/ International Organizations Notes

HW: Ch 25 Sec 2 Interactive Reader P. 383

Wednesday 2/12 Who Started the Korean War?

Thursday 2/13 Post WWII Problems/Eisenhower Years/ Cars

Friday 2/14 Baby Boom/ Suburbs/ Gender Roles & Teen Culture/  Watch A Date with Mom and Dad

Monday 2/3 1950s Primary Source Intro Activity

Tuesday 2/4 Read Ch 25 Sec 1 and complete Check Your Progress 1-5 and Interactive Reader p 380

HW: Read Ch 25 Sec 1 and complete Check Your Progress 1-5 and Interactive Reader p 380

Wednesday 2/5 Growing Distrust and Containment Notes/ Pass back Assignments

Thursday 2/6 Communism BP!/ Communism Activity

Friday 2/7 Europe after WWII Map/ Communist Nations After WWII

HW: Finish Europe after WWII Map/ Communist Nations After WWII

Monday 1/27 *No School* Due to cold weather

HW: Finish Ch 24 Study Guide

Tuesday 1/28 *No School* Due to cold weather 

HW: Finish Ch 24 Study Guide

Wednesday 1/29 Review for Ch 24 Test/ WWII Knowledge Bee Game

HW: Study for WWII Test

Thursday 1/30 WWII Test/ Finish Essay

HW: Finish Atomic Bomb Essay

Friday 1/31 D-Day by Numbers/ Read Judgement Day For War Criminals

Monday 1/20 *No School for Students* MLK Day

Tuesday 1/21 Bombing Brainpop!/Read and annotate bomb documents/ Essay Instructions

Wednesday 1/22 Pass out Ch 24 review sheet/ Work on Essay

Thursday 1/23 Code Talkers/ Work on Essay

Friday 1/24 D-Day by #'s Assignment/ Work on Review Sheet

HW: Finish Ch 24 Review Sheet

Monday 1/13 Ask questions about Manzanar Essay/ Read Eisenhower's Orders/ D-Day Map/ D-Day Documentary

HW: Finish Manzanar Essay

Tuesday 1/14 Read Invasion of Sicily and Struggling through the Mountains

HW: Finish Challenge Questions

Wednesday 1/15 Victory in Europe Notes/ Read Nazi Collapse

Thursday 1/15 Victory in the Pacific Notes/ My Dear Little Boys Activity

Friday 1/16 Okinawa Reading/ Code Talkers Activity

Monday 1/6 *Snow Day*

Tuesday 1/7 *Snow Day*

Wednesday 1/8 WWII Newspaper Analysis

Thursday 1/9 Read PT 2 of A Farewell to Manzanar/ Review Govt Internment Film (notes)/ Read Internment Essay Instructions

HW: Read Ch 24 Sec 1 and Complete IR

Friday 1/10 Work on Essay



Monday 12/30 * No School* Winter Break

Tuesday 12/31 * No School* Winter Break

Wednesday 1/01 * No School* Winter Break

Thursday 1/02 * No School* Winter Break

Friday 1/03 * No School* Winter Break

Monday 12/23 * No School* Winter Break

Tuesday 12/24 * No School* Winter Break

Wednesday 12/25 * No School* Winter Break

Thursday 12/26 * No School* Winter Break

Friday 12/27 * No School* Winter Break

Monday 12/16 Read Women in WWII/ WWII Women Political Cartoons

Tuesday 12/17 Japanese Internment Document Analysis

Wednesday 12/18 Go Over Analysis/ Begin Reading Farewell to Manzanar/ Quiz Review

HW: Review For Quiz

Thursday 12/19 Finish Sec 24.3 Notes/ Continue Farewell to Manzanar

HW: Review For Quiz

Friday 12/20 Ch 24.2-3 Quiz/ Finish Reading Manzanar

Monday 12/9 Finish and Review "Day of Infamy" Analysis/ Go over Holocaust Test/ Read Losing Some and Winning Some in the Pacific

HW: Read Ch 24 Sec 3 and Complete IR

Tuesday 12/10 Finish Ch 24.2 Notes/ Watch War Town Clip/ Read Arsenal of Democracy

Wednesday 12/11 Organizing for War Notes/ Watch Donald Goes to War/ Propaganda Lesson

Thursday 12/12 Finish Propaganda Analysis/ Read Women in WWII

Friday 12/13 Rosie the Riveter/ Working Women Political Cartoons

Monday 12/2 Review Holocaust Study Guide/ Read Anne Frank Excerpts

HW: Study for Holocaust Test

Tuesday 12/3 Holocaust Test/ Finish Ch 24.1 Notes

Wednesday 12/4 Read The War Spreads/ Lend Lease and Atlantic Charter

HW: Read Ch 24 Sec 2 and Complete IR

Thursday 12/5 Pearl Harbor Footage/ FDR Pearl Harbor Speech/ Speech Analysis

Friday 12/6 Continue Analysis/ Pearl Harbor Photos/ Then and Now Prices

Monday 11/25 Parent/Teacher Conferences

Tuesday 11/26 Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wednesday 11/27 *Thanksgiving Break*

Thursday 11/28 *Thanksgiving Break*

Friday 11/29 *Thanksgiving Break*

HW: Finish Holocaust Study Guide

Monday 11/18 First They Came.../ Field Trip Groups/ Continue Holocaust Notes

Tuesday 11/19 Finish Holocaust Notes

Wednesday 11/20 IHMEC Field Trip/ Acknowledgement Letter

Thursday 11/21 Field Trip Discussion/ Genocide Throughout History

Friday 11/22 Work on Holocaust Study Guide

HW: Finish Holocaust Study Guide

Monday 11/11 Review Photo Activity/ Map Activity/ Label Axis v. Allies

Tuesday 11/12 Why Do Countries go to War?/ Rise of Dictators Foldable

Wednesday 11/13 Have you ever?/ Pyramid of Hate/ Defining Genocide

Thursday 11/14 Brain Pop!/ Then They Came for Me/ Begin PPT Notes

HW: Review for Map Quiz

Friday 11/15 Map Quiz/ Continue PPT Notes

Monday 11/4 Finish Timeline Project/ Begin Study Guide

Tuesday 11/5 *No School* Teacher Institute Day

HW: Ch 23 Study Guide

Wednesday 11/6 Review Ch 23 Study Guide/ Depression Jeopardy

HW: Study for Ch 23 Test

Thursday 11/7 Ch 23 Test

Friday 11/8 Preview WWII Ch 24/ Photo activity

HW: Read p. 802-807 and complete CH 24.1 Interactive Reader

Monday 10/28 Great Depression Art Analysis/ Legacy of the New Deal notes

HW: Study for Ch 23.2-3 Quiz

Tuesday 10/29 Ch 23 Sec 2-3 Quiz/ Take a side activity

Wednesday 10/30 Take a side activity/ Timeline Project

Thursday 10/31 Continue Timeline Project

Friday 11/1 Finish Timeline/ Begin Ch 23 Study Guide

HW: Work on CH 23 Study Guide

Monday 10/21 Finish Critics of the New Deal/ New Deal Doc Analysis/ New Deal Political Cartoons

HW: Complete Ch 23.3 Interactive Reader

Tuesday 10/22 Review Doc Analysis/ Read Eleanor Roosevelt Bio/ Read Letters to Mrs. Roosevelt

Wednesday 10/23 Let America Be America Again/ Minorities and the Great Depression

Thursday 10/24 Music of the Great Depression/ Art of the Great Depression

Friday 10/25 Children of the Dust Bowl

Monday 10/14 *No School * Columbus Day

Tuesday 10/15 Government Shutdown Assignment

HW: Ch 23 Sec 2 Interactive Reader

Wednesday 10/16 FDR's Inaugural Address/ New Deal Notes

Thursday 10/17 Obama and FDR Venn Diagram

Friday 10/18 Critics of the New Deal/ New Deal Political Cartoons/ CNN Student News

Monday 10/7 Quiz review/ Finish Close Reading of Hoover Documents/ Begin TELCON

HW: Review for quiz

Tuesday 10/8 Ch 23.1 Quiz/ Continue TELCON

HW: Read Ch 23.2 (776-781) and Complete Interactive Reader Ch 23.2

Wednesday 10/9 Finish TELCON/ Read FDR Bio

Thursday 10/10 Listen to Inaugural Address/ New Deal Graphic Organizer

Friday 10/11 New Deal Graphic Organizer/ Close Read FDR Documents

Monday 9/30 Great Depression Brain Pop!/ Cause and Effect/ Close Reading

Tuesday 10/1 Ch 23 Visual Preview/ Close Reading Ch 23 Sec 1

HW: Causes of Great Depression and effects on people Worksheet

Wednesday 10/2 *Late Start Day* Go over Ch 23 Test/ Go over Poetry Analysis

HW: Get progress report signed

Thursday 10/3 Review Ch 23 Sec 1 Notes/ Close Reading Hoover Documents

Friday 10/4 Hoover's Response/ Who should take care of the poor?

HW: Read Ch 23.2 (776-781) and Complete Interactive Reader Ch 23.2

Monday 9/23 Read Ch 22 Sec 4/ Complete Ch 22 Sec 4 Interactive Reader

HW: Begin Working on Ch 22 Study Guide

Tuesday 9/24 1920s Slang Activity

HW: Continue working on Ch 22 Study Guide

Wednesday 9/25 Reading Graphs/ Signs of Trouble Notes/ 20s Jeopardy

HW: Finish Ch 22 Study Guide

Thursday 9/26 1920s Test Review

HW: Study for 1920s Test

Friday 9/27 1920s Test

Monday 9/16 Check HW/ Fads Notes/ Charles Lindbergh Activity

Tuesday 9/17 The Constitution and Jazz/ Literature and Poetry Notes

Wednesday 9/18 Langston Hughes Poems/ Poetry Analysis

Thursday 9/19 Finish Poetry Analysis

Friday 9/20 Brain Pop! the Stock Market/ Industrial Growth Notes/ CNN Student News

HW: Check Your Progress 22.3 ( 1a,1b,2a, and 2b)

Monday 9/9 Check HW/ Review 18th Amendment Activity/ Women, Radio, and Movies Notes/ Radio listening Activity.

Tuesday 9/10 Racial Tension Notes/ Chicago Race Riots 1919 Activity

Wednesday 9/11 Review for Quiz/ Finish Race Riots

HW: Study for Ch 22.1-22.2 Quiz

Thursday 9/12 Ch 22.1-22.2 Quiz/ 22.3 IR 

Friday 9/13 Jazz Notes/ Jazz listening Activity 

HW: Read Ch 22 Sec 3 (746-750) and Complete Interactive Reader p.341

Monday 9/2 Labor Day *No School*

Tuesday 9/3 Ch 22.1 Check Your Progress Q/ Red Scare Today Articles/ Prohibition Notes

HW: Remind your family about Open House

Wednesday 9/4 Prohibition Teaching Like A Historian Activity/ Women in the 1920s

Thursday 9/5 Rosh Hashanah *No School*

Friday 9/6 Radio & the Movies Notes/ 1920s Radio Listening Activity

HW: Read Ch 22 Sec 2 (p 741-745) and complete Interactive Reader p. 338

Monday 8/26 Picture Day/ Finish Curriculum posters/ 1920 Preview Movie

Tuesday 8/27 1920s Visual Preview/ Ch 22 Pre-reading Activity

Wednesday 8/28 Harding Quotes/ Return to Normalcy Notes

Thursday 8/29 Supply Check/ Isolationism Notes

Friday 8/30 Analyzing Political Cartoons/ The Red Scare Today/ CNN Student News

Monday 8/19 *Summer Break*

Tuesday 8/20 Teacher Institute Day *No School for Students*

Wednesday 8/21 Seating Charts/ Expectations/ Syllabus/ Summers

HW: Get syllabus signed by parent/ guardian

Thursday 8/22 Review/Preview Activity

Friday 8/23 8th Grade Curriculum Posters/ CNN Student News/ Pass out IRs