Pending Policy Revisions

The following policies having been revised have been recommended to the Board of Education to consider for adoption. The present board Policy 2:240 states that Policies or policy revisions will not be adopted at the Board Meeting at which they are first introduced, except when appropriate for a consent agenda because no Board discussion is required, or to meet emergency conditions of special events.  Further Board considerations will be given at a subsequent meeting(s) and after opportunity for community input.    


Pending Policy Title

Policy Section
School District Elections 2:30
Qualifications, Term, and Duties of Board Officers 2:110
Revenue and Investments 4:30
Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment 5:10
Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act 5:35
Hiring Process and Criteria 5:30
Temporary Illness and Temporary Incapacity 5:180
Teacher Qualifications 5:190
Suspension 5:240
Attendance and Truancy 7:70
Search and Seizure 7:140
Preventing Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment 7:180
Student Discipline 7:190
Community Use of School Facilities  8:20