Curriculum Overview



Students receive instruction in fundamental skills that are necessary for an individual to function effectively in everyday life. These skills are taught through reading, mathematics, and written and oral communication using a multi-media approach.

Essential concepts and knowledge of our world are taught through the social studies and science programs. Students learn about geography, economics, history, political systems and human behavior in social studies. The science program emphasizes important concepts of life science, physical science, earth science and environmental sciences.

The health curriculum helps students acquire essential information about physical wellness and encourages good health practices. Students also learn about public health, human growth and about being wise health consumers. The drug education component teaches students about substance abuse and how to deal with pressures relative to drugs and drug usage.

Students use technology to learn about their world and to use communication skills. The library/learning center, in addition to the book collection, has computers, CD-ROM and telecommunications resources for use by students under the guidance of the librarian. All students use educational computer programs in the library and in the classroom to enhance learning.

Students participate in comprehensive programs in art, music and physical education. The art and music programs stress production, but also include art and music history at appropriate grade levels. Physical fitness, participation in team sports, lifetime health activities and physical skills are important components of the physical education program.

The District recognizes its racial and cultural diversity as one of its strengths. Bilingual and second language (ESL) classes provide extensive opportunities for students. The District provides various educational programs that give students opportunities to recognize, develop and utilize specific talents and abilities. Instrumental Music is offered in grades 4 - 8; in grades 7 and 8 Spanish, music/drama and life skills management courses are offered as well.


For more information, Dr. Charlene Cobb, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning,
at 847-299-1900.