Teaching and Learning


The East Maine School District 63 Strategic Design includes the following beliefs about curriculum...what we teach and students learn.

Our curriculum is:

  • future focused and based on the challenges and opportunities our students will encounter after they leave school.
  • directly aligned with district learner outcomes and the Illinois State Standards.
  • data driven and based on best current research regarding school curricula.
  • designed to give our students real-life learning experiences.
  • customized to meet the learning needs and styles of individual students.
  • supported by cutting edge materials, resources, and technology.
  • easily accessed by all members of our learning community from any location.
  • constantly reevaluated, updated, and improved to meet the changes of our profession, our society, and our technology.

These belief statements drive the work we do in the area of curriculum and instruction. We pride ourselves on the fact that living these belief systems continues to result in student academic growth.

As you explore and investigate the various types of information on the Curriculum pages, I invite you to contact members of our department with questions and/or concerns.

Dr. Charlene Cobb, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Rita Livery, Administrative Assistant
Judy Masur, Reading Program Facilitator
Mary Ann Bosak, Secretary