About District 63


East Maine School District 63 is an elementary district which serves approximately 3,650 students who live in portions of Des Plaines, Niles, Glenview, Park Ridge, and Morton Grove.  The district operates seven schools:  six elementary schools (grades Pre-K-6), and a junior high school (grades 7-8).

The area is characterized by its diverse, multicultural population.  58 languages are spoken within the district; approximately 86% of the students come from homes in which a language other than English is spoken.

East Maine School District 63 is committed to 21st century learning, providing teachers with excellent professional development to support their use of technology.  Students have abundant opportunities to communicate with the world around them and employ problem solving skills through the use of technology in their classrooms and computer labs.  

Literacy instruction is a focus in all of our schools.  Teachers use research-based, instructionally sound practices to support the achievement of all students.