Cool Tools


Reinforcing our teaching of the Bulldog Be's, being respectful, being responsible, and being peaceful, occurs every day at Apollo School.  Twice a month we have assemblies to focus on a Cool Tool for remembering our Bulldog Be's in different places.  Please help us reinforce this positive behavior.

To view what we are teaching, and what you can reinforce at home; click on the links below.

Our Schedule:

 Hallways- Clean, Happy, and Walk Right  

 Respecting Adults

 Respecting Property & Chewing Gum

 Accepting Difference & Including Others 

 Joking, Using Kind Words, & Courtesy

 Snow Safety & Dressing for Winter Weather

 Disagreements, Temper, & Taking Breaks 

 Taking Turns & Being Safe

 Safety at Recess

 Body Language & It's Not What You Say, Buy How You Say It

 Walking Right

 Bathrooms- Quick, Quiet, and Clean

 Body Language

 Best Effort & Homework