Bulldog Be's/PBIS

At Apollo School we follow the Bulldog Be’s: BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE, and BE PEACEFUL.  The Bulldog Be’s describe how we should behave as we move around our school. They help us all get along and feel safe and comfortable at school.

Students are frequently recognized for following the Bulldog Be's.  Kindergarten through fifth grade students can proudly display their name on the Bulldog Behavior Grid.  Then, students are randomly selected to receive cool privileges and prizes for following the Bulldog Be's.  In 6th grade, the students monitor their own behavior using a personal grid.  They are recognized when they are consistantly following their Bulldog Be's.  They celebrate every two weeks as an entire grade level.

Click here for the Bulldog Matrix.

The Bulldog Matrix is a .pdf file.  You can download the Adobe pdf reader here for free.